Monday, 18 June 2012

Apple's first laptop of 1976 sold for 74500 dollars

Apple is now leading company in creating laptops ,mobiles, and other extra-ordinary gadgets,It's origin was in 1976 when the world's second operating system was formed .Now the first apple laptop is sold for 74500 dollars.

Leading software company Apple  in 1976 created Apple Computer on Friday at the auction house Sotheby three lakh 74 thousand and five hundred dollars (two million) was sold.

The price of the computer about 500 times more than the actual retail price. Without the screen, this computer is still working fine. The computer nearly a half million dollars (about Rs 80 million) was expected to sell at. Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Vojniak the computer was made.

Computer was the competition between two bidders. It was the first compact computer, the users of the - board type and the BASIC program could operate. Million a bidder's name has not been made public. In 1976 the founders of Apple personal computer (PC) was used to build computer labs in Palo Alto and it was presented. At that time were very few buyers.Noted that the computer in July 1976 was sold for $ 666.66.

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