Saturday, 28 July 2012

Happy Raksha Bandahan 2nd August thursday 2012

What is a Rakhi do any one knows that even i was not knowing that till last friday i used to make my arm filled with rakhi's every rakha bandhan and never thought about the old tale and according to indian mythology why we celebrate it.

Why we celebrate Rakha Bandhan?
The story is that once there was a princess beautiful and she was having entire kingdom under her control but she was not able to handle it when some outside powers attacked on her.

She send a beautiful thread which was termed as rakhi asking another ruler to fight with him to defeat outside powers.

The very next day the King to whom princess asked for help defeated those Kings and saved the Kingdom from seize.

So in rakha bandhan sister tie a sacred thread and make a bond with brother and make a promise to help her in every situation.

Today rakhis are made so beautiful and costly according to their design some have donald duck and some have angry birds very very funny In return brother has to give some bucks to sister.

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